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Boydell Editions


John Boydell
1789 - 1818

Boydell began his successful career by engraving small landscapes, which, because print-shops were few, he exhibited in the windows of toy-shops. From small landscapes he went on to large views of London, Oxford and Cambridge and other places; and, in 1751, having done well with a volume of views in England and Wales, he set up as a print-seller. Ardent in his encouragement of British talent, and aided in the early years of the reign of George III by a bounty allowed to English prints for sale in France, Boydell succeeded in turning the print-trade with that country from an import trade to an export trade with an annual revenue of £200,000. The impulse given to English engraving was, naturally, very strong; and it lasted after the outbreak of the French revolution had destroyed the trade with France.

BOYDELL John, printseller and engraver, 90 (Unicorn, corner of Queen Street), Cheapside 1752-1805H; 59 (Shakspeare Gallery), Pall Mall 1791-1805P; Newgate Street (residence?) 1781-84. Trading: as John Boydell 1752-73; as John and Josiah Boydell 1773-1805P. B. 19 Jan 1719, Dorrington, Derbyshire; d. 12 Dec. 1804, bur. St. Olave Jewry. App. Mr. Tomms engraver aged 21 for 6 years, free Sta. Co. redemption 12 Nov. 1751, livery 2 Apr. 1754, court 1 Oct. 1782, master 1783. Originally destined to be land surveyor. A vol. of 152 prints engr. by self laid foundation of success. Encouraged engraving in England e.g. by his edition of Shakespeare ill. from paintings he commissioned and exhibited in the Shakspeare Gallery, printed by Bulmer 1802. Spent some £350,000 in furthering art. Before death had obtained Act of Parliament to sell paintings by lottery which was done Jan. 1805. Presented Sta. Co. with various pictures including one of self as Lord Mayor. (Common Councillor, Cheap Ward 1758-70,1772-82, alderman 6 Aug.1782- 1804, sheriff 1785, Lord Mayor 1790-91. Publ. several cats. incl. one in French 1779. City Polls 1781: C; 1784: A. Wife d. 27 Jan. 1781.. Nephew Josiah helped him from 1760's, later his partner and successor. Imprint(s): (all with Josiah Boydell). Kress: , 1794-96: B2677; Abbey: 1789: AL199, 1791-92: AS2 1792: AS393; 1792-93: AS431; 1794: AS388; 1794-96 AS432; 1800: AL181, 331; Tooley: 1794: 400; 1794-96: 102. DNB; Nichols iii 411-7, 581-3, 604; Musgrave; Timperley 819-20; Blagden; J. C. Smith 1.

Publications: 1790 Folio containing 103 plates, 1794 Folio containing 107 plates, 1795 Folio containing 110 plates, Sets of prints and plates.

Paper Types: Sheets of laid paper inherited from Jane Hogarth; Variety of Laid papers; Wove paper with Whatman watermark; Wove paper without watermark.

The plates were bought by the publisher Baldwin, Cradock and Joy at the Boydell sale in 1818.





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