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The Usual Irish Way of Doing Things

Harper's Weekly
September 2, 1871
7"h x 4 3/4"w

"Observe the sequel now, Mr. Beecher, gospel-maker of cant and dollars, free love and anti-Irish hatreds; and thou, too, Jack Hoffman, whose name will live to be execrated when your
cowardly carcass is rotting. We raised our voice then, and our doctrine was this: Seek for no occasion to come in contact with the Orange murderers; arm yourselves to the teeth; if you or
any one belonging to you be injured by any assault whatever, take the law into your own hands, for the law refuses you protection, and shoot down the Orange dogs as you would the commonest
vermin that afflict your premises.


"Should the Orangemen ever parade in New York, let the citizens who feel aggrieved at the
violation of our laws and institutions take whatever measures they choose into their hands to uphold the laws, if they care anv thing about their country. As for the Irish element, whose lives are aimed at by Orangemen, let them congregate on the tops of houses and at windows, provided
lwith a few dozen of good hand grenades, say a couple of hundred at different points, and all the
State militia that ever gathered together will hasten homeward as fast as their feet can carry them. Remember, that twenty thousand militia marching through New York streets are not equal to one hundred men situated as described. This to be had recourse to only in the event of the Orangemen being surrounded by police and military so deeply that they can not be reached, as on last 12th July. After that we shall have done with Orangeism in this cit."–[From the "Irish People," August 19th]

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