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  JOSEPH KEPPLER: 1878-1879   

Elizabeth as Marguerite:
"I Did, I Did Not, – I Did – "
Puck Magazine Cover
Vol. III No. 59, April 24, 1878
9" w x 12 1/2" h

This caricature depicts Elizabeth Tilton who was known as a pious and passionate woman. In 1872 she confessed to her husband Theodore that she had an adulterous relationship with famed clergyman Henry Ward Beecher.

Her confession created a highly-publicized scandal and in 1875, her husband sued Beecher. The jury was unable to reach a verdict. Beecher and her husband pressured her to recant her story, which she did.

Two years later, Elizabeth Tilton once again confessed to the affair and she was excommunicated by the church.

"Marguerite" is a reference to Marguerite Gautier, a tragic character in the play Camille (La Dame aux Camélias) by Alexandre Dumas, fils. Dumas based the character on Marie Duplessis, a French courtesan and mistress to a number of wealthy men.
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  JOSEPH KEPPLER: 1878-1879   

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