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  JOSEPH KEPPLER: 1878-1879   

Rapid Transit of Residents
Puck: "The company is right! In a short time there'll be no one left to complain of the noise!"
Puck Magazine Back Cover; Vol. III No. 66, July 24, 1878; 18"w x 12 1/2"h
INDIVIDUALS Have no Rights that Corporations are bound to Respect.

Sign on Tracks:
Decision of the Supreme Court of New York
The Omnipotent power of the Legislature is sufficient to authorize railroads to be run thorugh crowded thoroughfares with locomotives, causing great disturbance to the the citizens who reside near them **** although many are injured in property.

Signs: Vacant:
All the Inmates having been sent to the INSANE ASYLUM.
For Sale on Account of the Noise.
This Property will be Given to Anybody who can STAND the NOISE.
To Be Sold for TAXES.

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  JOSEPH KEPPLER: 1878-1879   

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